Fishing. Aquatic and aquacultural resources / Aquaculture, fish farming

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Aquaponics Combining aquaculture and plant production

Book 35,00 €

A challenge for the planet Discover how they’re already transforming our daily lives

Anaïs Joseph

Book 17,00 €

Derriere chez moi, y'a un etang : Ponds - Yesterday's Texts, Observations of Today and Tomorrow

Roland Billard

Book 19,00 €

Les mulets des mers d'Europe Summary of Knowledge about their Biological Bases and Aquaculture Techniques

Jérôme Hussenot, Dominique Gautier

Booklet 20,30 €

Le saint-pierre (Zeus Faber) Biology, Fisheries, Market and Rearing Potential

Marie-Hélène Omnes

Booklet 13,90 €