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Diversité des trajectoires agricoles Numéro spécial Cahiers Agricultures

Booklet 25,00 €

Anatomy of Wood Formation, Functions and Identification

Book 28,00 €

Marie-Christine Trouy

Which Chocolate is Best? 90 keys to Understanding Chocolate

Book 16,00 €

Michel Barel

Do Soils Have Memories? Eighty Key Questions to Understand Soils

Book 20,00 €

Jérôme Balesdent, Etienne Dambrine, Jean-Claude Fardeau

Understanding the Improvement of Plants Breeding Challenges, Methods, Objectives and Criteria

Book 24,00 €

André Gallais

Conservation Agriculture: an Innovation that is Testing Family Farms Cahiers Agricultures Special Issue

Booklet 25,00 €

Human Mobility and Environment Global to Local

Book 45,00 €

Do Plant Possess a Memory?

Book 19,00 € 5,70 € (-70%)

Michel Thellier

Plants Symbioses to Live Better

Book 10,00 €

Lydie Suty

Metagenomics Developments and Future Applications

Book 27,00 €

Plants Relations with the Environment

Book 10,00 €

Lydie Suty

Diversity of Family Farms Exist, Transform, Become

Book 35,00 €

Plants Evolution, Development and Reproduction

Book 12,00 €

Lydie Suty