Génétique moléculaire : principes et application aux populations animales

Special Issue of the Journal Productions Animales

by Collectif (writer)
january 2000
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The emergent field of molecular genetics has rapidly expanded over the last ten years. This special issue takes a look at the many new developments and the major potential benefits for genetic improvement programmes. It is divided into six major chapters: general information, genetic polymorphisms, the genome map, research into function-related genes, transgenesis, biological data processing and the use of genetic markers.

1 - Notions de base de génétique
2 - Polymorphismes génétiques
3 - Cartographie des génomes
4 - Recherche de gènes associés à des fonctions
5 - Transgenèse
6 - Bioinformatique
7 - Utilisation des marqueurs génétiques
Glossaire et abréviations courantes

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Lydie Suty

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Publisher: Inra

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: INRA Productions animales

Published: 1 january 2000

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