Food and human nutrition / Food safety and quality

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A challenge for the planet Discover how they’re already transforming our daily lives

Book 17,00 €

Anaïs Joseph

And if we were to eat locally? What are short food supply chains going to change in my everyday life

Book 17,00 €

Patrick Philipon

Oysters 60 keys to understanding

Book 18,00 €

Marie Lescroart

Eggs 60 keys to understanding

Book 19,50 €

Florence Baron, Catherine Guérin-Dubiard, Françoise Nau

The Cold Chain 60 keys to understanding

Book 19,00 € 5,70 € (-70%)

Anthony Delahaye, Laurence Fournaison, Denis Leducq, Fatou-Toutie Ndoye, Véronique Osswald

Building urban food policies Concepts and approaches

Book 35,00 €

You’re still carnivorous? When eating animals raises everyday questions

Book 17,00 € 5,10 € (-70%)

Olivier Néron de Surgy

Agricultural and food processing Between ecology and capitalism

Book 49,00 €

Living longer and in good health! Everyday advice to remain healthy

Book 17,00 € 7,65 € (-55%)

Sophie Cousin

Food systems in transition

Book 35,00 € 10,50 € (-70%)

Water at Risk? A resource to constantly be preserved

Book 16,00 €

Denis Lefèvre

Insects anyone? What the future holds for our everyday diet

Book 16,00 €

Vincent Albouy

Pesticide Residues On Food Grain Origin, What Becomes Of Them And Rational Management

Book 32,00 €

Francis Fleurat-Lessard

Climate Change Which is Going to Change my Day-to-Day Life

Book 6,00 €

Hélène Géli