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Cochons d'or Questions on the Pork Industry

Jocelyne Porcher

Book 35,50 €

Dans les pas de bertrand vissac, un From Animal Genetics to Agrarian Systems

Book 24,30 €

Green Piggery INRA Productions Animales, Special Issue

Michel Bonneau

Booklet 18,00 €

20 Years of Research in Animal Production at INRA INRA Productions animales, Special Anniversary Issue

Booklet 26,00 €

Welfare of pigs From Birth to Slaughter

Hardback book 86,20 €

Traitement des effluents d elevage Technical Guide for Designers, Research Departments and Small Livestock Farmers

José Martinez, Vincent Jaouen, Colin Burton

Book 16,00 €

Hormones and Growth Promoters in Animal Breeding From Physiological end-Points to Risk Assessment Considerations

Booklet 16,00 €