La lutte biologique

Towards new ecological balances

by Lydie Suty (writer)
Collection: Sciences en partage
february 2010
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How can biological control reply to the expectations of an agriculture increasingly anxious to protect the environment and the biodiversity? What applications can it offer a society set on achieving "zero residues" of active substances in foodstuffs? This book takes stock of this specialist and complex scientific subject now become a social topic.
An initial inventory lists the vocabulary, basic biological knowledge and basic principles of biological control. Each chapter is supplemented by one or two articles written by specialists in the field addressed: beneficials, micro-organisms, parasites and parasitoids, plants, aquatic environments, complex systems, inert biocides, etc. Evaluation, changes and possible improvements in biological control methods conclude this pioneering summary work.
It is intended for teachers, instructors and students as well as "lay" readers who are conscious of the need to protect ecosystems.


Chapitre 1.
Rappels de biologie

Chapitre 2. La lutte biologique : définitions et concepts généraux

Chapitre 3. Auxiliaires et cibles : première approche

Chapitre 4. La lutte microbiologique

Chapitre 5. Parasites et parasitoïdes

Chapitre 6. Utilisation de prédateurs

Chapitre 7. Les plantes et la lutte biologique

Chapitre 8. Le milieu aquatique

Chapitre 9. Les systèmes complexes de lutte biologique

Chapitre 10. Évaluation des méthodes de lutte biologique

Chapitre 11. Aspects évolutifs

Chapitre 12. Perspectives : vers de nouvelles méthodes de lutte biologique




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Collection: Sciences en partage

Published: 2 february 2010

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