Agriculture and crop production / Crop health

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Ornamental Plant Pests Trees, Shrubs and Flowers - Second Edition

Book 55,00 € 16,50 € (-70%)

David V. Alford

Rethinking Crop Protection Innovations and transitions

Book 25,00 €

Legume Seed Pests Biology of Bruchinae and Integrated Pest Management in Africa

Book 30,40 €

La lutte biologique Towards new ecological balances

eBook 21,99 €

Lydie Suty

Les maladies de la tomate Identify, Understand and Control

Book 69,00 €

Dominique Blancard

Virus des solanacees From Virus Genome to Crop Protection

Book 86,20 €

Protection des cultures From Agrochemistry to Agrecology

Book 28,00 €

Pierre Ferron, Derek Russell, Jean-Philippe Deguine

Acoustic Bird-scaring Effarouchement acoustique des oiseaux

Audio disk 26,00 €

André-Jacques Andrieu, Jean-Claude Brémond

Maladies des salades Identification, Knowledge and Control

Hardback book 40,60 €

Hervé Lot, Brigitte Maisonneuve, Dominique Blancard