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Studying food and eaters

A cocktail of perspectives and methods

by Olivier Lepiller (editorial coordination), Tristan Fournier (editorial coordination), Nicolas Bricas (editorial coordination), Muriel Figuié (editorial coordination)
december 2021
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Researchers rarely reveal the details of the methodological choices on which their research is based. The theoretical and practical considerations that have guided them in these choices often remain implicit. In this book, the focus is on methods for studying food and 'eaters'. The use of the term 'eaters' is intended to distinguish them from the simple image of a consumer. It emphasises the multi-dimensionality of the act of eating, an act that engages individuals socially as much as physically and inserts them into space and time as well as into economic exchanges. This book is the result of a collective effort by some forty established researchers. The aim is to provide a critical overview of fifteen methods currently used in or at the crossroads of different disciplines: anthropology, economics, geography, nutrition and sociology.The book will be of interest to students, teachers, expert researchers and other professionals looking for methods to better understand or refine their own tools for studying food and eaters.

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Studying food and eaters

Table of contents

Table of contents
A fictional introduction: when disciplines cross paths with eaters

Part 1. Measuring eaters’ practices and representations
Chapter 1. Individual food consumption measurement: methods tailored to objectives
Chapter 2. Measuring individual and household food security: potential and challenges in nutritional and social science collaboration
Chapter 3. Impact assessment on nutritional health prevention and promotion initiatives
Chapter 4. Experimental economics: highlighting the preferences and factors influencing people’s decision making
Chapter 5. Subjective food wellbeing assessment: how eaters rate their food

Part 2. Tracking eaters and foods
Chapter 6. Ethnoaccounting: monitoring, counting and understanding what eaters value
Chapter 7. Photovoice: a participatory method to explore food environments from inhabitants’ viewpoint
Chapter 8. Quantified narratives: a research method that combines interviews and statistical analysis of biographical dynamics
Chapter 9. Auto/biography: a comprehensive approach for accessing eaters’ subjectivity
Chapter 10. ‘Follow-the-thing’: tracing food products to chronicle their sociospatial biography
Chapter 11. Sociological surveys of young eaters: methodological and epistemological issues

Part 3. Understanding and assessing the social construction of the food and eating fact
Chapter 12. The URBAL participatory method: collectively documenting sustainable food innovation impact pathways
Chapter 13. Action research: an analysis and social transformation process to enhance access to sustainable food
Chapter 14. Theatre workshops: accounting for food-sensitive experience
Chapter 15. Focus groups: studying food and eating through thematic discussion

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Collection: Update Sciences & technologies

Published: 2 december 2021

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