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From science to industry Embryonic stem cells and biotechnology in France

Philippe Brunet

Book 35,00 €

Social uses of science For a clinical sociology of the scientific field

Pierre Bourdieu

Book 9,50 €

Energy Sobriety Material constraints, social equity and institutional prospects

Book 39,00 €

The Nanorevolution How nanotechnologies are already transforming our everyday life

Azar Khalatbari

Book 19,00 €

Science versus Creationism Re-explaining the methodology of researchers

Guillaume Lecointre

Book 12,50 €

A new way to inhabit our cities Sustainable cities that are great places to live

Laurence Estival

Book 18,90 €

Has the time of the robots come? Discover how they’re already transforming our daily lives

Jean-Philippe Braly

Book 19,50 €

Biodiversity: with or without man? Reflections of an ecologist on protecting nature in France.

Christian Lévêque

Book 20,00 €

Think of the possibilities Here comes the downside of working in science

Nicolas Bouleau

Book 21,00 €

Drones to do everything? Changes they will make in our daily lives

Isabelle Bellin

Book 17,00 €

Contemporary countryside What economic and environmental transformations?

Book 25,00 €

Territorial policy and drinking water Chronicle of a silent transformation (1970-2015)

Book 39,00 €

Water at Risk? A resource to constantly be preserved

Denis Lefèvre

Book 16,00 €

Ecosystem services Rethinking the relationship between nature and society

Book 35,00 €

Science In The Plural Epistemological Essay For The Involved Sciences

Léo Coutellec

Book 9,50 €

Energy, Driving Progress? 120 Keys to Understanding the Energies

Paul Mathis

Book 19,00 €

Knowledge Market Neoliberalism, Teaching and Research

Lawrence Busch

Book 12,50 €

A Green Town The Role of Plants in Towns

Book 32,00 €

Feminine-masculine Gender and Family Agricultures

Book 35,00 €

Modelling and Interdisciplinarity Six Disciplines Searching for Epistemology

Book 40,50 €

History of the Compass The Adventure of the Magnetised Needle

Pierre Juhel

Hardback book 28,00 €

Geogovernance Social Utility of Spatial Analysis

Book 49,00 €

Pipes and Men Les réseaux d'eau en France

Book 28,00 €

Sciences Otherwise Elements of philosophy for use by curious researcherscurieux

François Grison

Book 29,40 €

Energies Understanding the issues

Paul Mathis

Book 19,00 €

Scientific Writing Guide Hypothesis, Lynch Pin of Scientific Communication

David Lindsay, Pascal Poindron

Book 15,20 €

Le captage et le stockage du CO2 Technical and Social Issues in France

Book 30,40 € 6,08 € (-80%)

Concevoir et construire la decision Approaches in Agriculture, Food Processing and Rural Space

Book 45,60 €

Éthologie appliquée Animal and Human Behaviours, Society Issues

Book 35,50 €

La mise a l'epreuve. le transfert des Questioning How Scientific Knowledge is Transferred

Book 26,40 €

Genes, pouvoirs et profits. recherche Public Research and Systems for the Production of Mendel's Knowledge for GMO

Frédéric Thomas, Christophe Bonneuil

Book 55,80 €

L'analyse des risques The Expert, the Decision-maker and the Citizen

Bernard Chevassus-au-Louis

Book 8,60 €

Science, argent et politique Some Attempt at Interpretation

Dominique Pestre

Book 11,70 € 4,68 € (-60%)

La loi sur la recherche de 1982 Origins, Assessment and Perspectives of the 'French Model'

Jean-François Théry, Rémi Barré

eBook 5,99 €

Trois essais sur l'éthique économique et sociale Lecture-Debates organised by the INRA Ethos Group. Le Croisic, 26-29 October 1999

Christian Arnsperger, Catherine Larrère, Jean Ladrière

Book 9,10 €

Les savants croient-ils en leursthéories ? A Philosophical Reading of the History of Cognitive Sciences

Jean-Pierre Dupuy

eBook 5,99 €

L'information scientifique et technique New Challenges for Information Professionals and Publishers. Tours (France), 21-23 October 1996

eBook 15,99 €

Le mandat du ciel Le rôle des Jésuites en Chine, de la mort de François-Xavier à la dissolution de la Compagnie de Jésus (1552-1774)

Jean-Pierre Duteil

eBook 17,99 €

Confiance et rationalité Dijon (France), May 5-6, 1999

eBook 25,99 €