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Agrimonde VF Scenarios and Challenges for Feeding the World in 2050

Book 42,60 €

Cours de gastronomie moléculaire n°1 Culinary Science, Technology and Technique - How Are they Linked?

Hervé This

Book 19,80 €

Les filières céréalières Organisation and New Challenges

Book 35,50 €

Localized Agrifood Systems Cahiers Agricultures Special Issue

Booklet 26,00 €

Le lait, la vache et le citadin From the 17th to the 20th Century

Pierre-Olivier Fanica

Book 49,70 €

Les intermittents du bio For a Pragmatic Sociological View of Emerging Food Choices

Claire Lamine

Book 35,50 €

Salmonidés d'aquaculture From Production to Plate

Camille Knockaert

Book 40,60 €

Les fruits et legumes dans l'alimentation Issues and Factors Determining Consumption

Marie Josèphe Amiot-Carlin

Book 20,30 €

La filiere protéagineuse What are the Challenges?

Book 28,40 €

La nourriture des Français From the mastery of fire to the 2030s

Pierre Feillet

eBook 19,99 €

Balade au pays des fromages Cheesemaking traditions in France

Jean Froc

Book 28,40 €

La cuisson-extrusion A French-English-German Vocabulary

Michèle Le Bars, Annick Bouroche

eBook 18,99 €

Fruits et légumes Characteristics and Major Aspects

Book 23,00 €

Stored Malting Barley: Management of Quality Using an Expert System Reims (France), May 28-29, 2001

Book 43,60 €