Food and human nutrition / Human nutrition

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Insects anyone? What the future holds for our everyday diet

Book 16,00 €

Vincent Albouy

Climate Change Which is Going to Change my Day-to-Day Life

Book 6,00 €

Hélène Géli

Rennets and Substitute Coagulants How to Make the Right Choice?

Book 35,00 €

Which Chocolate is Best? 90 keys to Understanding Chocolate

Book 16,00 €

Michel Barel

Manger écologique ? Comprendre vite et mieux

Book 19,00 €

Vincent Tardieu

Enjoy Your Invasive Plants Eat Them!

Book 25,00 € 7,50 € (-70%)

François Couplan

With or Without Sugar? 90 Keys to Understanding Sugar

Book 19,00 € 4,75 € (-75%)

Philippe Reiser

At Nature's Banquet Food, Agriculture and Politics

Book 12,50 €

Joseph Garnotel

Palm of Controversies Oil Palm and Development Issues

Book 15,00 €

Alain Rival, Patrice Levang

Guide des plantes sauvages comestibles France, Belgique, Luxembourg, Suisse

Book 19,90 €

Michel Botineau

Does Salt Grow in the Sun? 120 Keys to UnderStanding Salt

Book 19,00 €

Pierre Laszlo

Is totally organic possible? Ninety keys to understanding organic agriculture

Book 23,00 €

Are our Foods Dangerous? Sixty keys to understanding our food

Book 22,30 €

Pierre Feillet