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Livestock farming practices and environment Measure, assess, act

Book 39,50 €

Agriculture and air quality Understand, evaluate, act

Book 29,00 €

CAP and Globalisation Still a common European policy?

Jean-Marie Séronie

Book 16,50 €

Recycling organic waste A look at an agro-ecological practice

Book 39,00 €

Recycling of organic waste in agriculture Agronomic and environmental effects of spreading waste

Book 35,00 €

Understanding the Improvement of Plants Breeding Challenges, Methods, Objectives and Criteria

André Gallais

Book 24,00 €

Agriculture and Greenhouse Gases Ten Actions to Reduce Emissions

Book 32,00 €

How Can Agriculture and Coast be Reconciled? Towards an Agroecology of Regions

Book 24,00 €

Sociology of Arable Crops At the Heart of the Agricultural Industrial Model

Book 29,50 €

Crop Diversification Removing the Agronomic and Economic Obstacles

Book 25,00 €

Reducing Nitrogen Losses in Livestock Rearing Collective Scientific Expertise


Book 35,00 €

Herbicide-tolerant Plant Varieties A Sustainable Weedkilling Tool?


Book 24,00 €

At Nature's Banquet Food, Agriculture and Politics

Joseph Garnotel

Book 12,50 €

Can We Live Without GMO? Sixty Keys for Understanding Plant Biotechnology

Book 19,50 €

Reconciling Agricultures and Biodiversity Management Social, Ecological and Policy Dynamics

Book 40,00 €

Palm of Controversies Oil Palm and Development Issues

Alain Rival, Patrice Levang

Book 15,00 €

Adapting to Climate Change Agriculture, Ecosystems and Territories

Book 39,50 €

Near-urban Farmland Land Governance Under Construction

Book 39,00 €

Being a Farmer Today Individualisation of the Work of Farmers

Christian Nicourt

Book 45,00 €

Geoagronomy, landscape and regional projects Following in the footsteps of Jean-Pierre Deffontaines

Book 42,00 €

Farmer Organisations and Societies Reading Through Reciprocity

Éric Sabourin

Book 36,00 €

Is totally organic possible? Ninety keys to understanding organic agriculture

Book 23,00 €

Feeding Horses Inra 2011 Feed Tables

Book 22,00 €

Thinking and Acting as an gronomist Tributes to Michel Sebillotte

Book 38,00 €

Production durable de biomasse Lignocellulose of Poaceae

Denis Pouzet

Book 28,40 €

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