Bestsellers 2019

Retrouvez les 100 titres que vous avez le plus plébiscité en 2019 sur et en librairie !

Overweight - in your head or on a plate? It is possible to cope with it!

Jean-Michel Lecerf

Book 19,00 €

Feeding Ruminants INRA 2018

Book 20,00 €

Do all beers foam? Eighty key questions to understand beer

Jean-Paul Hébert, Dany Griffon

Book 23,50 €

Do bacteria look like cocktail sausages? Eighty insights to enhance our understanding of the world of bacteria

Jean-Jacques Pernelle

Book 19,00 €

The odyssey of wild and cultivated plants Yesterday's revolutions and tomorrow's challenges

Serge Hamon

Hardback book 39,00 €

Is Seduction Reliant on Smelling Good? 120 keys to understanding smells

Roland Salesse

Book 20,00 €

Bee democracy A societal model

Thomas D. Seeley

Book 29,50 €

The ecology of others Anthropology and the Question of Nature

Philippe Descola

Book 9,50 €

Principles of Molecular and Genomic Biology Techniques revised and expanded 3rd edition

Book 29,00 €

Biofilms The life of microbes in society

Romain Briandet, Murielle Naïtali

Book 16,00 €

Social uses of science For a clinical sociology of the scientific field

Pierre Bourdieu

Book 9,50 €

Agrarian systems and climate change in the South Pathways to adaptation

Book 39,00 €

Aquaponics Combining aquaculture and plant production

Book 35,00 €

Mycorrhizae Boom in the New Green Revolution

J. André Fortin, Christian Plenchette, Yves Piché

Book 26,00 €

Biomimicry Engineering genius in Nature!

Jean-Philippe Camborde

Hardback book 28,00 €

Memento de l'agronome


Hardback book 44,60 €

Can organic agriculture cope without copper for disease control? Synthesis of the Collective Scientific Assessment Report

Book 26,00 €

From cocoa to chocolate A food-lover's saga - New Edition

Michel Barel

eBook 14,99 €

Reality check work assessment Criticism of Evaluation Basic Principles

Christophe Dejours

Book 9,50 €

Agriculture and air quality Understand, evaluate, act

Book 29,00 €

West African trees, shrubs and lianas Nouvelle édition 2018

Michel Arbonnier

Book 85,00 €

Connectivity and protection of marine biodiversity Spatial dynamics of marine organisms

Book 29,00 €

Biodiversity: with or without man? Reflections of an ecologist on protecting nature in France.

Christian Lévêque

Book 20,00 €

Guide to Soil Testing revised and expanded 3rd edition

Denis Baize

Book 35,00 €

Sea Turtles 70 clés pour comprendre

Jérôme Bourjea, Hendrik Sauvignet, Stéphane Ciccione

Book 18,00 €

Livestock farming practices and environment Measure, assess, act

Book 39,50 €

Is dialogue profitable? Environment, conflicts and public participation

Cécile Blatrix, Jacques Méry

Book 35,00 €

CAP and Globalisation Still a common European policy?

Jean-Marie Séronie

Book 16,50 €

Feeding Horses Inra 2011 Feed Tables

Book 22,00 €

Plants Relations with the Environment

Lydie Suty

Book 10,00 €

Astounding ants!

Luc Passera

Hardback book 25,00 €

Plants Symbioses to Live Better

Lydie Suty

Book 10,00 €

Soils and underground life Major agro-ecological challenges

Book 49,00 €

Photosynthesis Physical, molecular and physiological processes

Jack Farineau, Jean-François Morot-Gaudry

Book 49,00 €

Consumption and digestion of plants The roles of microbiota and functions essential to biodiversity

Gérard Fonty, Annick Bernalier-Donadille, Evelyne Forano, Pascale Mosoni

Book 35,00 €

Oysters 60 keys to understanding

Marie Lescroart

Book 18,00 €

Do Birds Have Flair? 160 Keys to Understanding Birds

Luc Chazel, Muriel Chazel

Book 25,00 €

The Evil Outside The impact of the environment on health

Rémy Slama

Book 22,00 €

Ecosystem services and soil protection Legal analyses and agricultural clarifications

Anaïs Tibi, Olivier Therond

Book 34,00 €

Astonishing invaders These species from elsewhere

Vincent Albouy

Book 16,00 €

Mycorrhizal Symbiosis An Association Between Plants and Fungi

Jean Garbaye

Book 35,00 €

Climate Change Which is Going to Change my Day-to-Day Life

Hélène Géli

Book 6,00 €

Plants Evolution, Development and Reproduction

Lydie Suty

Book 12,00 €

Are Bats Frightened of Light? One hundred keys to understanding bats

François Prud'homme

Book 23,00 €

Nature for Sale The Limits of Ecosystem Services

Virginie Maris

Book 9,50 €

Which Chocolate is Best? 90 keys to Understanding Chocolate

Michel Barel

Book 16,00 €

You’re still carnivorous? When eating animals raises everyday questions

Olivier Néron de Surgy

Book 17,00 €

Insect secrets 1001 curiosities of the six-legged population

Christophe Bouget

Book 24,00 €

Science versus Creationism Re-explaining the methodology of researchers

Guillaume Lecointre

Book 12,50 €

Plants and Their Names Unusual Stories

François Couplan

Book 36,00 €

For sustainable knowledge A theory of inter-disciplinarity

Robert Frodeman

Book 25,00 €

Glossary of soil science New enlarged edition

Denis Baize

Book 35,00 €

Frogs, Toads & Co. Tell me all about Anura ...

Françoise Serre Collet

Hardback book 26,00 €

Cocoa Quality The Impact of Post-harvest Treatment

Michel Barel

Book 32,00 €

From science to industry Embryonic stem cells and biotechnology in France

Philippe Brunet

Book 35,00 €

Anatomy of Wood Formation, Functions and Identification

Marie-Christine Trouy

Book 28,00 €

Where is the Biodiversity Hidden in Towns? 90 Keys to Understanding Nature in Towns

Philippe Clergeau, Nathalie Machon

eBook 12,99 €

Is totally organic possible? Ninety keys to understanding organic agriculture

Book 23,00 €

A Clean Sea - Mission Impossible? Seventy Keys to Understanding Waste at Sea

François Galgani, Isabelle Poitou, Laurent Colasse

Book 22,50 €

Insect-plant Interactions

Hardback book 79,00 €

Tropical timber atlas Technological charasteristics and uses

Daniel Guibal, Jean-Claude Cerre, Sébastien Paradis

Hardback book 95,00 €