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The “Jardin des plantes” in Montpellier From Medicine to Botany

Hardback book 29,00 €

The Loire, river and estuary A changing environment

Book 45,00 €

Astounding ants!

Hardback book 25,00 €

Luc Passera

What to do about wild ducks? Hunting, Nature and Adaptive Management

Book 10,00 €

Raphaël Mathevet, Matthieu Guillemain

Glossary of soil science New enlarged edition

Book 35,00 €

Denis Baize

Ecosystem services Rethinking the relationship between nature and society

Book 35,00 €

Starfish and their cousins 80 keys to gaining a deeper understanding

Book 20,00 €

Coralie Taquet, Marc Taquet

Insect secrets 1001 curiosities of the six-legged population

Book 24,00 €

Christophe Bouget

Values of the biodiversity and ecosystem services Interdisciplinary perspectives

Book 35,00 €

Which Rivers for Tomorrow? Thoughts on the Ecology and Restoration of Water Courses

Book 36,00 €

Christian Lévêque

Regional Nature Parks Experimental Territories

Book 29,00 €

Nacima Baron, Romain Lajarge

Bees and Landscapes Bee-keeping and Agricultural Issues

Book 37,00 €

Birds and Global Change Threat or Godsend?

Hardback book 26,00 €

Jacques Blondel

Marine Birds Between Sky and Sea

eBook 13,99 €

Fabrice Genevois, Christophe Barbraud

Insects Unusual Stories

Book 15,00 €

Patrice Leraut

Do Soils Have Memories? Eighty Key Questions to Understand Soils

Book 20,00 €

Jérôme Balesdent, Etienne Dambrine, Jean-Claude Fardeau

Plants Symbioses to Live Better

Book 10,00 €

Lydie Suty

Plants Relations with the Environment

Book 10,00 €

Lydie Suty

Where is the Biodiversity Hidden in Towns? 90 Keys to Understanding Nature in Towns

Book 20,50 €

Philippe Clergeau, Nathalie Machon

Are Snakes Afraid of Crocodiles? 120 Keys to Understanding Reptiles

Book 24,00 €

Luc Chazel, Muriel Chazel

Cetaceans of the World Systematic, Ethology, Biology, Ecology, Status

Book 35,00 €

Jean-Pierre Sylvestre

A Green Town The Role of Plants in Towns

Book 32,00 €

Where the Mineral World Chooses its Colours? One Hundred Keys to Understanding Rocks and Minerals

Book 23,50 €

Martial Caroff

Do All Mushrooms Wear Caps? Ninety keys to understanding mushrooms

Book 22,00 €

Francis Martin

But what is this Policeman Doing in my Garden? One Hundred Keys to understanding the Small Creatures in the Garden

Book 19,00 €

Patrice Leraut

Ecological Engineering Action by and/or for the Living?

Book 25,00 €

Can We Live Without GMO? Sixty Keys for Understanding Plant Biotechnology

Book 19,50 € 5,85 € (-70%)

Reconciling Agricultures and Biodiversity Management Social, Ecological and Policy Dynamics

Book 40,00 €

Mycorrhizal Symbiosis An Association Between Plants and Fungi

Book 35,00 €

Jean Garbaye

Adapting to Climate Change Agriculture, Ecosystems and Territories

Book 39,50 €

Camargue An Ecosystem Between Land and Water

Book 29,00 €

Luc Chazel, Muriel Chazel

Life Under Ice An Oasis at the South Pole

Hardback book 23,00 €

Paul Tréguer, Laurent Chauvaud, Erwan Amice

Does Gardening Follow Fashion? Ninety Keys to Understanding Gardens

Book 19,00 €

Yves-Marie Allain

Are Bats Frightened of Light? One hundred keys to understanding bats

Book 23,00 €

François Prud'homme

Rupicolous Environments Les enjeux de la conservation des sols rocheux

Book 33,00 €

Pierre Pech

Do Birds Have Flair? 160 Keys to Understanding Birds

Book 25,00 €

Luc Chazel, Muriel Chazel

A History of Botanical Gardens Between Science and Landscape Art

Hardback book 26,00 €

Yves-Marie Allain

Calanques National Park Regional Construction, Cooperation and Uses

Book 34,00 €

Biodiversity in the Sahel Mali forests

Book 36,00 €

Philippe Birnbaum

Environment, views and power The political ecology approach

Book 49,50 €

Fishes of the Indian Ocean and Red Sea Second edition

Hardback book 52,00 €

Marc Taquet, Alain Diringer

Deep Marine Mineral Resources Forecast Study by 2030

Book 39,00 €

Yves Fouquet, Denis Lacroix

Plants and Their Names Unusual Stories

Book 36,00 €

François Couplan

Where do Butterflies Spend the Winter? 100 Keys to Understanding Butterflies

Book 19,00 €

Patrice Leraut

A History of Colonial Plants From Cocoa to Vanilla

Hardback book 26,40 €

Serge Volper

Is the Wolf Howling at the Moon? 180 keys to understanding the carnivores

Book 22,30 €

Luc Chazel, Muriel Chazel

Quills and Brushes Stories about Ducks

eBook 9,99 €

Denis Chavigny

La truite arc-en-ciel From Biology to Farming

Book 35,50 €

Lithops Jewels of the Veld

Hardback book 35,50 €

Steven Hammer

Introduction d'especes dans les milieux Should We Be Frightened of Biological Invasions?

Book 19,00 €

Christian Lévêque, Jean-Nicolas Beisel

Les insectes ont-ils un cerveau ? 200 Key Questions to Understand Insects

Book 22,30 €

Vincent Albouy

La planete fleurs

Book 25,40 € 5,08 € (-80%)

Gérard Guillot

Les requins Identifying Fins

Book 29,00 €

Pascal Deynat

Les lamproies en Europe de l'Ouest Stages, Species and Habitats

Book 29,90 €

Pierre Elie, Catherine Taverny

Évaluation économique de la biodiversite Methods and Examples for Temperate Forests

Book 30,00 €

Elodie Brahic, Jean Philippe Terreaux

Le campagnol terrestre Preventing and Controlling Populations

Book 38,50 €

Poissons des lacs naturels francais Ecology of Species and Population Trends

eBook 19,99 €

Olivier Schlumberger, Pierre Elie

Biodiversity and Domestication of Yams in West Africa Traditional Practices Leading to Dioscorea rotundata Poir.

eBook 11,99 €

Philippe Vernier, Alexandre Dansi, Jeanne Zoundjihèkpon, Roland Dumont

Sustainable urban water management France-Brazil observations and discussions

Book 45,60 €

Le silure glane Biology, Ecology, Farming

Book 36,50 €

Pierre Elie, Olivier Schlumberger, Jean-Pierre Proteau

L'anguille europeenne Indicators of Abundance and Colonization

Book 55,80 €

Gilles Adam, Eric Feunteun, Christian Rigaud, Patrick Prouzet

Ces algues qui nous entourent Current Conceptions, Role in the Biosphere, Uses and Growing

eBook 40,99 €

René Pérez

La truite Biologie et écologie

eBook 24,99 €

Jean-Luc Baglinière, Gérard Maisse

Le brochet Gestion dans le milieu naturel et élevage

eBook 19,99 €

Les abeilles et l'apiculture History of Agricultural Zoology in France

eBook 7,99 €

Jean Louveaux

L'eau dans l'espace rural Aquatic Life and Environment

Book 40,20 €

Les aloses (Alosa alosa et Alosa fallax spp.) Population Ecobiology and Variability

Book 54,10 €

Les parcs à Faidherbia

Book 46,70 €

Le lac de Nantua Caractérisation et essais de restauration d'un écosystème dégradé

eBook 11,99 €


Champignons des arbres et arbustes d'ornement The First Inventory of Fungi Identified in France

Book 25,00 €

Imre Vegh

Comprendre un paysage Guide pratique de recherche

eBook 13,99 €

Bernadette Lizet, François de Ravignan

Poissons de Guyane Ecological Guide to the Approuague and the Nouragues Natural Reserve

eBook 4,99 €

Thierry Boujard, Michel Pascal, François Meunier, Pierre-Yves Le Bail, Joël Gallé

Les deutéromycètes Classification and Keys for Identifying Genera

Book 31,40 €

Etienne Kiffer, Michel Morelet

Les ressources génétiques forestières en France. Tome 2 Volume 2. Deciduous Trees

eBook 18,99 €

L'agapanthe The Botany, Physiology, Pathology and Cultivation of Agapanthus for Use as Cut Flowers

Book 22,30 €

Pierre Allemand, Jean-Claude Pionnat, Michel Mallait, Yves Chapugier

Paysages De la connaissance à l'action

Book 32,00 €

La biodiversite au quotidien Sustainable Development in the Light of Reality

Book 32,50 €

Christian Lévêque

Derriere chez moi, y'a un etang : Ponds - Yesterday's Texts, Observations of Today and Tomorrow

Book 19,00 €

Roland Billard

A la conquête des grands fonds Techniques d'étude de la géologie marine

Hardback book 15,00 €

Jacques Kornprobst, Christine Laverne

Pesticides agriculture et environnement Reducing Pesticide Use and Limiting its Environmental Impact. Inra-Cemagref Joint Scientific Appraisal (December 2005)

eBook 17,99 €

Expertise scientifique collective Inra

Plant Structure Second Edition

Book 39,00 €

Bryan G. Bowes, James D. Mauseth

Comment l'herbe pousse Vegetative development, clonal and spatial structures of grasses

Book 25,40 €

Michel Lafarge, Jean-Louis Durand

Banana Tree A Century of Technical Innovations

Book 50,00 €

André Lassoudière

Le lac du Bourget Its Waters and its Biology

Book 40,00 €

Gérard Balvay, Jean-Claude Druart, Stéphan Jacquet

Sensitivity Analysis and Exploration of Models Applications to Environmental Sciences

Book 55,00 €

The Aleppo Pine in France Seventeen Sheets to Understand and Manage

Book 30,00 € 7,50 € (-75%)

Palm of Controversies Oil Palm and Development Issues

Book 15,00 €

Alain Rival, Patrice Levang

A Clean Sea - Mission Impossible? Seventy Keys to Understanding Waste at Sea

Book 22,50 € 6,75 € (-70%)

François Galgani, Isabelle Poitou, Laurent Colasse

The Ocean under High Surveillance Environmental and Health Quality

Book 30,00 €

Michel Marchand

Nature for Sale The Limits of Ecosystem Services

Book 9,50 € 2,85 € (-70%)

Virginie Maris

Plants Evolution, Development and Reproduction

Book 12,00 €

Lydie Suty

Soil Multifunctionality at the service of sustainable management

Book 45,00 €

Biodegradation of materials What risks for health and the environment?

Book 17,50 €

History of line fishing Through water and over time

Hardback book 25,00 €

Pierre Juhel

The ecology of others Anthropology and the Question of Nature

Book 9,50 €

Philippe Descola

Plants 70 keys to understanding plants

Book 19,00 €

François Couplan

Useful garden critters A guide to biocontrol

Book 16,00 €

Vincent Albouy

Oysters 60 keys to understanding

Book 18,00 €

Marie Lescroart

Astonishing invaders These species from elsewhere

Book 16,00 € 6,40 € (-60%)

Vincent Albouy

Biodiversity: with or without man? Reflections of an ecologist on protecting nature in France.

Book 20,00 €

Christian Lévêque

Can man accept his limitations?

Book 24,50 € 7,35 € (-70%)

Sea Turtles 70 clés pour comprendre

Book 18,00 €

Jérôme Bourjea, Hendrik Sauvignet, Stéphane Ciccione

Beyond tropical deforestation From Tropical Deforestation to Forest Cover Dynamics and Forest Development

eBook 4,99 €

Bioclimatologie Concepts and Applications

eBook 4,99 €

Sané de Parcevaux, Laurent Huber